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Endsville is a town in the United States where havoc and mischief occur. It is also the hometown of Mandy.

It is plagued by supernatural activity; it is because of the weird/supernatural occurrences that many people usually try to avoid Endsville.

Despite the paranormal events that plague it, there is a staggering population of 2,009,675 humans and 244,000 types of other things.


It is believed that Endsville is 150 to 300 miles from Night Vale, in the vicinity of Devil's Canyon, somewhere near Arizona. Due to the fact that it might be near Night Vale, a town which is filled to the brim with weird/supernatural activity, it may explain why Endsville too is plagued with such a problem. And like Night Vale, the residents of Endsville usually treat these occurrences as a normal thing.


The residents of Endsville seem fairly normal, average every day people. The most well known residents are Mandy and her friends alongside the Grim Reaper. However, many of them are more than what they appear, for according to Grim there are supernatural beings that roam the streets but instead of actively hunting down and eating people, they take the shape of humans and try to live like them. The reason of which is because according to Grim, "The cliche of hunting and eating just became boring to them." Some of these monsters don't even bother to wear a disguise when out in the open.