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The town of Night Vale.

Night Vale is a remote but highly bizarre and unnatural town that is actually filled to the brim with supernatural activity.


Night Vale is located somewhere in the southwest of America, surrounded by a vast empty desert, near Desert Bluffs. The SCP Foundation considers the town to be a "gold mine" of supernatural phenomena.

It is also revealed to be the "twin" town of Gravity Falls and in the literal sense as well given that the two towns were once a singularity before being separated by Huntokar. It is also the residence of the demon known as Tad Strange who acts as a radio talk-show host through the possession of a renowned talk-show host Cecil.


Stanford Pines describes Night Vale as hard to find. Ford claims to have searched for the town based on "whispers" and "rumors" and "vague directions." Dipper called Night Vale "a place that is difficult to leave, and difficult to enter." He also remarked, "I don't even remember how we got to Night Vale in the first place. I mean, where is Night Vale, even?" Tad Strange, however, says Night Vale is "perfectly located...between several vertices," which is why the town often receives visitors. Night Vale is said to be a few hundred miles away from the city of Endsville.


Though most of Night Vale citizens are human beings, its population consists as well of angels, 5-headed dragons, ghosts, mysterious hooded figures, ancient powerful entities, and even a detached hand of a middle aged man. It was also revealed that some monsters from Monstropolis come to Night Vale for vacation as shown with Scott and Polly during their roadtrip.

The people of Night Vale are mostly nice though suspicious people, obeying the draconian law dictated by sinister forces they do not fully understand. They tend to be cautious and unwelcoming towards foreigners, such as the Mystery Kids, although they do welcome certain newcomers. It is not clear how many residents live in the city. The residents that the children have met and befriended there are: Tad, Cecil PalmerCarlos, Creepie Creecher, Lydia Deetz, Muriel Bagge, and Courage.