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Rosalind Lutece.

Rosalind Lutece is a quantum physicist who wrote books about scientific studies on alternate universes. She and her "twin brother", Robert, guide the Doctor through his adventures in Columbia to retrieve Elizabeth.


The Lutece twins were considered a threat to Comstock and as a result, ordered for their execution by having their machine be sabotaged during one of their voyages in space-time. However, they were not truly killed; instead, they were scattered across time and space, able to appear wherever and whenever they wanted.

It is revealed that Rosalind and Robert were responsible in guiding the children, the Doctor, and many others throughout their adventures, either directly or indirectly, to meeting each other, and all leading up to where, as they describe, the "end of the book".


Rosalind Lutece appears to be nearly identical to her "twin brother" Robert Lutece albeit being a female version of the latter. Much like Robert, Rosalind wears a beige suit, a light brown vest, and a green tie with a white shirt underneath. She also has a dress that is a darker shade of brown with high-heeled spats.


Unlike her brother Robert, Rosalind is described as being a fatalist to where she feels that no matter what he or she does, the outcome will be the same because it's predetermined. This makes sense given that she and her counterpart Robert are described as being "everywhere" and "nowhere" thus being able to see every possible outcome alongside being able to witness the past, present, and future in every known universe.

Alongside her "brother", Rosalind constantly provides cryptic and philosophical guidance towards the characters throughout their journeys and do so in a way that is both whimsical yet sophisticated and posh but all with a sense of scientific flare according to the Doctor. She talks much like a stereotypical scientist, with dialogue requiring a greater command of the English language to fully understand.

Rosalind's calm personality also makes it difficult to tell when she's joking or not, though Robert knows when she is or isn't, such as telling Stanley that if his replacement car (factory new from the past) came in contact with anything else from the same year it was made, it would "explode like anti-matter." She is quite calm to the point where almost nothing bothers her even when in the face of a threat that can very well end the world or even all of space-time itself. This is likely due to the fact that she is well aware of such an event would happen as well as being aware of how it would be prevented.